Advanced Sensors

Jiangxi OMS Microelectronics is the Ofilm subsidiary developing and manufacturing industry-leading advanced sensor solutions. Ofilm is worldwide market leader in the fingerprint sensor modules commonly found in smartphones. Ofilm’s capabilities in this area, as well as other sensor solutions, encompasses a broad range of key tasks, from module design, manufacturing and packaging, to software and algorithm development and testing systems. The major industries we serve include mobile phones, computers, automotive, life sciences, robotics and automation equipment.

No other subsidiary within Ofilm is active across more diverse, fast-changing and promising new technology areas for a broader range of industry partners. The capability and ubiquity of advanced sensors is now growing rapidly. It’s an exciting time.

To stay by the leading edge, OMS has developed highly-competitive solutions and intellectual property based on a wide array of sensing technologies, including photo-electronic, piezo, capacitive, ultrasound, time-of-flight, laser light, spectroscopic and radio frequency sensors. These sensor types, in our labs and in final products for customers, increasingly work in concert with one another.

Sensors gather data and confer intelligence. They already are changing and improving in far-reaching ways how we function in the world. There is more potential to be unlocked. Sensors are certain to become more pervasive, more powerful, more fully-networked. OMS purpose is to assist, enable and innovate.

Looking to the Future

We’ve built a world-leading business in fingerprint sensors for smartphone industry. Here’s a look at some of the next frontiers we’re exploring in this domain:

With large-area optical and ultrasonic fingerprint technologies, we are integrating sensing functions in new ways:

Full-screen technologies:

Next-gen facial recognition:

We are developing ideas for new “under display” solutions that integrate algorithms, encryption, advanced packaging, new materials, innovative module design. This opens new pathways for fingerprint and other recognition sensors to expand further in financial services, smart home, automotive, medical devices:

Where our sensors might soon be found:

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