Smartphone Camera Module
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Camera module, also know as CCM (Compact Camera Module), is a core component being used on various photographic imaging device. Camera module consists of a sensor, lens, a VCM (Voice Coil Motor), a FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) and a connector and other accessories. Camera modules are mainly used in smartphones, laptops, automobiles, VR/AR and smart home, etc., with multiple advantages including miniaturization, low power consumption, low cost, high image quality.

OFilm entered the business of designing and manufacturing camera modules in 2012. By 2016, OFilm had already become a large manufacturer in the world.

The use of OFilm camera modules extends beyond smartphones to include increasingly common installation to enhance driver safety in automobiles, gas-powered and electric. OFilm expects the camera technology to become more widely used including in consumer wearables, as well as robotics, VR/AR, and smart home appliances.

OFilm is the one of the advanced camera module suppliers by its R&D strength, strong customer connection, automated production line, and mass production capability.

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Smartphone Camera Lens
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Optical lens is one of the main components of optical imaging, and strongly affect the camera imaging quality.

Smartphone manufactures keep the renewal of optical lenses, and are tend to multi-layer lens combination. Meanwhile, with the further upgrade of shooting function, periscope lens and ToF lens becoming more widely used.

OFilm continues to develop the high-end lens technology. OFilm’s  100 million pixel 7P optical lens started batch production. Telephoto lens, macro lens and ultra wide angle lens and other multi-function lens products have entered the domestic mainstream cell phone manufacturers lens supply chains. 8P lens project has been successfully developed, and currently in the trial production stage.

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Microelectronics business focuses on the smartphone, personal computer and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. We are deeply involved in the development and production of fingerprint recognition, 3D Sensing, optoelectronic sensors, wafer-level lenses and wireless transmission technologies, and are committed to providing customers with high-quality, satisfactory and fast module solutions and one-stop integrated solution services.

OFilm takes full advantage of the compound industry in optical, 3D Sensing module and fingerprint recognition module, and leads in both optical under-screen fingerprint recognition module and ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint recognition module, becoming the main supplier of under-screen fingerprint recognition module that has been launched so far. OFilm takes the lead in mass production of structured light 3D Sensing module and 3D ToF module, and is currently the main supplier of 3D Sensing module.

  • Advanced Technology

Full-screen fingerprint solution

Develop different full-screen fingerprint solutions, including optical and ultrasonic types, with display modules to truly unlock at any touch.

Optical Sensing Solutions

Focus on 3D face recognition solution development, covering the existing mainstream 3D Sensing solutions: encoded structured light, scattered structured light, binocular structured light, ToF solutions.

WLO Wafer Level Optics

OFilm simulates and designs micro-optical structures for WLO nano-imprinting process, achieves key device self-production, and meets the module requirements of 3D Sensing, optical fingerprinting. We develop NCVM planar/arc fingerprint texture embossing to achieve more textured color texture effect, and layout the design and process planning of AR, HUD waveguide sheet and superconfiguration optics.

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