Intelligent Driving

Ofilm entered the automotive electronics industry in 2015. Its R&D and sales efforts are spread globally among the US, Germany and China. Ofilm has leveraged its extensive expertise from the smartphone and consumer electronics industries – including in advanced optics and sensors, touchscreen thin-film technologies -- to speed the development and market penetration of Ofilm’s solutions for automobiles, both gas-powered and electric.

In 2015 Ofilm established an independent subsidiary, headquartered in Shanghai, to lead the company’s strategic expansion in automotive electronics, ADAS and other intelligent driving technologies.

China’s auto industry has been in overdrive these past two decades. From a small start it’s grown into the world’s largest. Ofilm has become a core supplier of most of China’s largest automobile manufacturers.

In 2019, we acquired from Japan’s Fuji automotive optics manufacturing assets and a deep portfolio of global patents. This has furthered our ambitions to become a large-scale supplier to Japanese and other international automobile brands.

A particular focus of Ofilm’s current efforts in automobile electronics is deepening the integration of smartphone and intelligent driving systems. This includes work we are doing now to speed the adoption of new, safer “virtual key” keyless entry systems.

We’re passionate, too, about improving the driving experience in two other ways – making cars more environmentally-friendly, and making infotainment systems more intuitive and attractive while enhancing driver safety.

Enabling Intelligent Driving

Our sensors, cameras and radar systems may achieve seamless coverage during driving.

Onboard Information, Accurate and Accessible

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